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Anna-Kate Payha

Anna-Kate is a passionate creator with international experience and a love for all things design: from trusses to tabletops and just about everything in between. After years of doodling and helping friends pick out the "right" piece she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. 

During her studies she sought out interdisciplinary experiences to explore designing at different scales. This led to her internship at Joana Vasconcelos' studio in Lisbon, Portugal where she detailed construction documents for large scale sculptures. Watching each dream-like sculpture come to life inspired her to pursue her honors thesis where she explored the role of digital fabrication in furniture design by using laser cutters and CNC routers to create one-of-a-kind pieces. As she pursued these endeavors, she harnessed a love for bringing unique spaces to life.

Anna-Kate continues to learn about architectural design and construction as an Architectural Designer at Phillips & Donovan Architects, LLC in Bedminster, PA. Using two-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional modeling tools, she helps clients to understand how their renovation, addition, or new structure will look so that they feel confident building their dream home. She understands that changes to a home can be intimidating and wants to help clients see how beautiful the design process can be when it is thoughtful and refined. 

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