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Heather Phillips

Heather was seven years old when she joined Phillips & Donovan Architect, LLC - no, really - her dad founded the firm in 1976. Back then, it was called George J. Donovan, A. I. A. & Associates. Heather could be found learning how to run prints for her dad. She can still smell the ammonia. 

She did not grow up to be an architect, however. She just married one - see Joe Phillips' bio. At Washington College, she studied philosophy, which, along with about 22 years of  homeschooling her four children, positioned her well for the challenges of a career in marketing and business management. Heather likes to refer to herself as Joe's "Everyday Gal Friday". 

Seeing new life breathed into old places is what Heather likes most about Phillips & Donovan Architects, LLC's work. She favors our adaptive reuse and preservation projects because of the way our design efforts seamlessly enhance a community's social fabric - knitting the past, present, and future together.

When she's not at work, Heather likes to hike, photograph, read, and kayak. Her family, church, and community are blessings in her life. 

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