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John Lee

John Lee, as lead architect in the Bethlehem office, brings with him the expertise of over 35 years of architectural experience, 29 of those as a registered architect. John grew up on 50-acre farm, surrounded on all sides by several-hundred-acre farms. Out of that childhood experience, he developed a strong sense of pragmatism in his designs. His firm belief is that a building MUST function well for his client, for a well-functioning building is a successful project. He designs with strong intent, meaning that the form of a building should follow its function. If there is a less expensive way of developing a client's intended aesthetic desires, he will work hard to develop those details with an eye towards his client's budget.

He received his Bachelor's of Environmental Design degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, the same place he met his first wife, Heidi. During his initial career designing and documenting schools for a large local firm, he was given the privilege of having four children - two boys and two girls. In 1994, he began his own firm, lee Architectural Associates, which he maintained full time until 2014. With the death of his wife, he decided to give up the firm and start full time with Phillips & Donovan Architects, LLC. After marrying a sixth-grade teacher named Lynn two years ago, he is preparing to build a new house and home in the coming year on his farm in Boyertown. Continuing his commitment to his profession, he maintains an incredibly long list of returning clients, most of which have been with him for over a decade or more. It is this commitment to his clients' needs that has driven John to excel. 

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